Manual Virus Removal

  • First off, one of the early and most common spyware programs that people used to get is called about:blank. You will know when you have this as your IE browser will begin pointing to about:blank no matter what you do. For simple step by step instructions to remove this, you came to the right place. See the instructions for about:blank removal.

  • One of the best ways to prevent spyware and malware, is to be familiar with your program startup list. These include the programs that run automatically in the background whenever your pc is rebooted. Since viruses or spyware need a way to begin running again, they put entries in your startup list so they can always have a way to restart when you reboot. To view the initial program list, go to your run box and type msconfig in the box and hit enter. Click the startup tab to view your startup list. These are software programs that run whenever your pc is rebooted. Become familiar with this, it can save you alot of trouble in the long run. There are also items that get buried in other locations in the system registry, and those are more complex and its why you see many software programs that find and list these for you. It would take a long time to dig through all the startup paths and find all the combinations in the windows registry if you did all this manually. Most people run spyware and malware removers, but these software programs change so quickly that its difficult for any one program to find all of them, but if you monitor your startup list and become familiar with it, this will allow you to remove rogue software and reboot so it cannot startup again as most of them will appear there.

  • When you see any suspicious task on your PC, you can look it up to see if its actually a rogue task or not. You can do a task lookup here. It will help put your mind at ease if you have strange things happening on your computer, or if you have strange tasks appearing in your computer startup list.

    Routers and Firewalls

  • Routers - You absolutely must be using a router if you have broadband internet access (through cable, dsl, etc., anything access except dialup). This is the simplest and most effective security measure anyone can take. Routers are small boxes, cost can vary depending upon many factors, and can be found in any electronics or computer store. There are some simple steps everyone can take, some more advanced then others, but even doing the basics can make your security far better then most, and keep intruders out of our computer. Some routers are combined with the modem so its only one box. Newer routers are also far more advanced they the old ones, as many people just keep using their old router because it works. Newer routers automatically update firmware, connect quicker and faster, have much better settings then the older ones, and also have lights on the front that even identify if any wifi is currently connected. They are also far more secure of course. More detailed information on these is listed in the link below.

  • Firewalls - By default, if you already have a router as mentioned above, then you already have a firewall too. Software firewalls (software that you install on your pc to keep intruders out) can be found all over the internet, but a hardware router is one of the best firewalls you can get. If you have a router, then by default you also have a firewall already. More detailed information on these is listed in the link below.

  • Wireless connections must be made secure, if you are using a wireless router as most are, make sure you have done a few simple steps to keep your information from being stolen out of the airwaves. You can password protect your router by setting up encryption. This should be done by everyone who is using a wireless router. Thats why you can see your neighbors computer, its because they haven't bothered to set this up. If password encryption is setup, your neighbors will not be able to see your computer or access it. You can also setup remote access by only allowing only specific computers to access your router. This means you tell the router which computers can access your connection, anyone else (or any new laptop, etc.) would not be able to access it unless you say so. If you have done either of these methods, then you have a secure system (at least far more secure then most would do!).

    Continue reading more about router setups with WPA vs WEP.

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    Computer Software Help

  • Text Tweak - Software which edits text data, manipulates text, adds or removes rows, and edits or inserts in various ways.

  • No File Recovery - Free software which wipes previously deleted data.